Your Family’s Healthcare

Protecting and Funding Healthcare for Kentucky

In recent years, Kentucky finally took some bold and long-overdue steps forward in offering affordable and reliable healthcare to our people. Since then, however, Kentucky families have watched Washington and Frankfort politicians play cat and mouse with their healthcare, erecting barriers to enrollment and programs designed to discourage Kentuckians from signing up for the affordable healthcare they need.

It’s time to stop using the healthcare of over 500,000 Kentuckians as a political football. Adam Edelen is committed to not only protecting the coverage of those who receive health insurance from the ACA, but also working to strengthen the financial position of Kentucky’s recently expanded Medicaid population.

A Commitment to Rural Hospitals

Kentucky’s rural hospitals are more than a places where medical care is received. In many counties, they are among the largest employers and primary magnets for new economic development. Their closure would be a crushing blow to our people’s health and our Commonwealth’s economy.

As State Auditor, Adam Edelen offered a stark warning about the threat to Kentucky’s rural hospitals. Wall Street has placed the future of rural healthcare in jeopardy by targeting networks of hospitals for takeover, sale, and closure. Adam is committed to working with federal, state, and local leaders to ensure our rural hospitals are protected from closure by out-of-state corporations, so they can continue to serve the needs of Kentucky families.