The Kentucky Kick Start

Kentucky’s history and heritage was built on the main streets of our cities and small towns. Unfortunately, for decades we’ve watched too many Kentucky main streets go from bustling centers of commerce, arts and civic life to empty spaces and boarded-up storefronts. We are going to rebuild Kentucky, and we need to start by rebuilding our main streets – one block at a time.

A “Kick Start” to Growth and Revitalization

Every community in Kentucky deserves a shot and the Edelen-Holland Team are ready to help lead a renaissance across the Commonwealth in delivering economic and cultural vitality to our main streets.

Gill Holland is a nationally respected leader in reviving and revitalizing historic neighborhoods by focusing on small businesses, connecting neighbors and creating sustainable environments to propel community growth. Gill will spearhead the Kentucky Kick Start program to offer the tools, resources and roadmap Kentucky’s historic cities and towns need to see the revitalization they deserve.

The potential for every neighborhood in Kentucky to see the positive changes that will last generations is unlimited if we have a plan and work together. The Kentucky Kick Start will do just that.

Connecting Opportunity with Investment

Local leaders understand their needs and which investments can sustain their communities for decades to come. One of the greatest barriers to channeling investment into Kentucky communities is matching national capital with local opportunity.

Adam Edelen and Gill Holland will work to connect local Kentucky communities with investors from across Kentucky, the nation and the world. The Kentucky Kick Start will create a simple, searchable and scalable platform for local communities to showcase investment opportunities, as well as community needs, to investors no matter whether they are a company looking for room to grow or an individual seeking the right environment to open a new business.