Standing With
Kentucky Women

Building the Kentucky Commission on Women

In his last proposed budget, Matt Bevin shamefully gutted funding to 70 programs under the Kentucky Commission on Women. These important programs did everything from combating domestic violence, to working to stop the evil of human trafficking, to funding programs encouraging young women to pursue an education in STEM.

Adam Edelen will not only restore funds for these vital programs, but will also promote the Executive Director of the Kentucky Commission on Women to a member of the Governor’s Cabinet. Programs that empower Kentucky women and girls and provide them with real opportunities and needed protections will no longer be treated as optional or as bargaining chips in a state budget.

Equal and Overdue Representation in Leadership

The leadership of Kentucky’s government is spearheaded by the secretaries of State Government Cabinets who are charged with keeping much of Kentucky’s public services moving forward.

Adam is committed to ensuring that the leadership in his administration represents all Kentucky, including Kentucky women. Under an Edelen administration, no less than half of the Cabinets will be led by women, as its past time we hear everyone’s voice in Frankfort.