Rebooting Kentucky’s
Education System

Kentucky’s students are being left behind – and Frankfort is making it worse.

Too many of our school districts are underfunded or allowing resources that should be spent in the classroom to be consumed by administration and bureaucracy. There is no “silver bullet” that will solve Kentucky’s education problems, but it’s certainly not the idea that we need to turn our education system into a profit center for out-of-state charter school corporations. 

We need a new approach to public education by embracing evidence-based strategies, new technologies, and a commitment to leaving failed ideas behind.

Universal Pre-K

Too many Kentucky students enter elementary school already at a disadvantage. We need to ensure that when students are expected to begin their education, they have the tools and baseline skills necessary to achieve and excel. Universal pre-kindergarten is the best, most cost effective, and common sense step we can take to achieve this.

Respecting Kentucky Teachers

It’s past time to start treating Kentucky teachers like the professionals they are. Each year, Frankfort expects teachers to .do more with less. The practice of expecting improved outcomes with fewer resources is ridiculous and must come to an end.

Our teachers have been insulted and scapegoated. That ends on day one of Adam Edelen’s administration. No idea is off the table to give our educators the tools they need, including bringing back the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) with a focus on making sure our teachers can focus on students, not burdening educators with countless hours of paperwork.

Affordable Higher Education

A child with the ability to attend college and put their skills to work for Kentucky should not be turned away by cost of a higher education. The leaders of tomorrow in Kentucky need an affordable education that allows them to build a life unsaddled by decades of student loan debt. Making college affordable to the children of working families will be a day-one priority for Adam Edelen’s administration.

Real Opportunity for Students

With changing job markets, it is not enough to grant a high-school diploma and wish students well. To empower students to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving economy, Adam Edelen will work with schools, community colleges, four-year universities, and private industry to provide students with college credit classes, clear pathways to a degree, or the skills education that will make them career ready for our rapidly changing 21st century.

Funding Education, not Bureaucracy

Throwing unaccountable money at education has not provided the results Kentucky’s students, teachers, and families deserve. As Governor, Adam Edelen will demand more targeted funding for schools to produce real results and increase accountability. We need to ensure that state dollars make their way to the classrooms where they belong, not burnt up in administrative bureaucracy.  

Whether for new technology, textbooks, or achievement programs, Kentucky taxpayers will finally see educational funding being spent properly, wisely, and always with the best outcomes for students in mind.