Opioids: Healing Families
and Communities

More Treatment Beds in More Places

Treatment for substance abuse disorders should not be a luxury. There is a shameful lack of beds in Kentucky to treat the scourge of addition and those we do have are often inaccessible to communities that need them most. While there are costs that come along with expanding treatment to those who are suffering, the bad actors who pushed opioids on our community should be the ones to foot the bill.

As Governor Adam Edelen will work to ensure that both general revenue funds dollars and funds recovered from out of the state pharmaceutical companies who created this problem go toward community based addiction treatment and are protected from being used on politician’s pet projects.

Expanded Drug Court

Offering a path toward recovery and reconciliation with the mistakes of the past for low level and first time drug offenders not only save Kentucky taxpayers but save lives.  Additionally, we can prevent thousands of our people from entering the criminal justice pipeline. Expanded drug court will also help keep Kentucky families intact as one of their loved ones received the tools and skills they need to