Fighting Corruption

As State Auditor, Adam Edelen took corruption head on and put crooked politicians behind bars. His record of fighting those who pad their wallets at taxpayer expense will expand with a new era of Zero Tolerance for corruption in Frankfort. Kentucky has waited long enough for an honest and ethical government that puts people first.

People Not PACs

Money from faceless PACs has helped corrode our political system and shake the faith Kentuckians have in their government. To bring real change to Kentucky, the voices of hard working people need to be heard, not drowned out by special interests. Adam Edelen is committed to running a campaign powered by people, and is the only candidate for Governor who won’t take a dime of PAC money.

Emptying the Trough of Lobbyists

The era of Frankfort lobbyists and insiders being given unfettered and unaccountable access to the highest levels of power in Kentucky state government must come to an end. Kentuckians should know that in Frankfort, paid lobbyists outnumber lawmakers by more than 15 to 1. It’s time the power in Frankfort was returned to the people.